“The Troller’s Handbook” by Ray Rychnovsky

In The Troller’s Handbook, Ray Rychnovsky starts with the basics, works up to the advanced methods, then, by incorporating mathematical theories he used as an engineer in the field of aerodynamics, brings trolling to a whole new level. If you find partial differential equations to be a bit intimidating, have no fear, Ray does an excellent job of explaining how they apply to trolling. The Troller’s Handbook is the first trolling guide ever published to feature a complete set of graphs showing how to troll at a desired depth.

A review by Sports Afield’s Angling Editor, Homer Circle said, “I looked upon trolling as a method to use when nothing else catches fish. After scanning the Troller’s Handbook, I now look upon it as a standard catching science! The Troller’s Handbook covers trolling tactics for all sporting species, fresh and salt water. I was especially enlightened by the chapter showing how to troll at a desired depth using the proper line weight, not downriggers. Graphs clearly show techniques of back trolling, high speed enticement, lead-core lining, down riggering, reading water depths and much more. Read it and become an adept trolling angler with dependable catching days.”

“San Francisco Bay Area Fishing Guide” by Ray Rychnovsky

A comprehensive guide to fresh and salt water fishing locations throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. This book covers 70 freshwater lakes, rivers, reservoirs and creeks and 93 different saltwater locations. A wonderful resource book packed with detailed information to help you decide where to fish, how to get there, what to fish for and what to bring along.

“The Bottom Line” by Troy Brawley

This guide is designed to help recreational anglers and their families learn basic fishing techniques and enjoy fishing more. Tips offered here should help your decide which kind of fish to go after, which tackle to use and where to find them in California’s most popular lakes. You will find popular rigs for Black Bass, Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Crappie and Bluegill.

“The Complete Guide to California Fishing” by Tom Stienstra

The most comprehensive guide to fishing California ever written. This book describes in detail more than 850 lakes, 180 streams & 1200 miles of coastline and includes a ranking system based on quality of fish, quantity of fish and scenic beauty and side-trips available. Grid maps plus essential information on each location such as parking, use fees hiking trails, camping spots, tackle shops, and more makes this book a great trip planning tool.

“The Definitive Guide to Fishing in Northern California” by Chris Shaffer

The purpose of this book is to help anglers choose a fishing destination by presenting them everything they could want to know about a location. Spanning from the Pacific Ocean to Nevada and Oregon to Stockton, the Definitive Guide to Fishing Northern California details how to fish more than 525 of California’s lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and reservoirs. Shaffer has put together a collection of reviews and helpful information gathered through personal experience that makes a perfect gift or addition to an angler’s bookcase.