North Shore
2000 Camanche Rd.
Ione, Ca. 95640

South Shore
11700 Wade Ln.
Wallace, Ca. 95225

From San Francisco
Bay Area

Take Hwy. 580 East to Hwy. 205.
Then take I-5 north to Highway 4 East.
Then, take Hwy. 99 North to the Waterloo Road / Hwy. 88 east turn-off.

From Sacramento

Drive South on Hwy. 99.
Follow 99 until just above Lodi where you’ll take Hwy. 12 East.
Hwy. 12 East joins Hwy. 88 just west of Lockeford.

For Camanche South

Continue straight on Hwy.12/88 through Clements.
Turn left on South Camanche Parkway at Wallace.
Continue straight for approximately five miles to the South Shore gate.

For Camanche North

Follow Hwy. 88 as it bears left just beyond Clements.
Soon after, turn right off 88 onto Liberty Road/North Camanche Parkway.
Follow North Camanche Parkway for 6 miles.
Turn right on Camanche Road (just opposite the Lake Camanche Village recreation building) follow Camanche Road directly to the North Shore gate.